Post-anesthesia care : symptoms, diagnosis, and management [E-Book] / edited by James W. Heitz.
Heitz, James W., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1 online resource (xv, 371 pages)
Cambridge medicine
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Recovery: physiological challenges Niels D. Martin and James W. Heitz; 2. Recovery: goals and standards Philippa Ratcliffe; Part II. Signs and Symptoms: 3. Hypertension James W. Heitz; 4. Hypotension James W. Heitz; 5. Dysrhythmia Eric Massey and Stephen O. Bader; 6. Chest pain Jeremy L. Hensley and Stephen O. Bader; 7. ECG changes Adam W. Green and Stephen O. Bader; 8. Heart failure Glen D. Quigley and Elia S. Elia; 9. Hypoxia Gadi Arzanipour and James W. Heitz; 10. Wheezing and stridor Michelle McMaster and James W. Heitz; 11. Tachypnea and hypopnea Erika Davis and Marc Fisicaro; 12. Dyspnea Erika Davis and Marc Fisicaro; 13. Dysphonia and airway trauma Megan J. Sharpe and Julie P. Ma; 14. Fever, hyperpyrexia and hyperthermia Andrea M. Hages and James W. Heitz; 15. Hypothermia Min J. Chun and Lisa Luyun; 16. Hypoglycemia Brian Hipszer, James W. Heitz and Jeffrey I. Joseph; 17. Hyperglycemia in the PACU Boris Mraovic and Jeffrey I. Joseph; 18. Electrolyte disorders Michael Jon Williams; 19. Nausea and vomiting James W. Heitz; 20. Pruritus James W. Heitz; 21. Weakness Donald Baumann; 22. Movement disorders Nicole Renaldi; 23. Limb paralysis James W. Heitz; 24. Rigidity Ashley Caplan and James W. Heitz; 25. Seizure James W. Heitz and Michelle Beam; 26. Delirium James W. Heitz; 27. Headache James W. Heitz; 28. Delayed emergence Jon Zhou and James W. Heitz; 29. Crying Michelle Beam and James W. Heitz; 30. Rash David Beausang and Michelle Beam; 31. Jaundice George Hsu and James W. Heitz; 32. Visual disturbance James W. Heitz; 33. Neuropathy Brian Lai and John T. Wenzel; 34. Shivering James W. Heitz; 35. Oliguria and postoperative urinary obstruction James W. Heitz; 36. Polyuria James W. Heitz; 37. Abnormal urine color James W. Heitz; 38. Pain Benjamin Vaghari, Jaime Baratta and Kishor Gandhi; 39. Shoulder pain Jordan E. Goldhammer; 40. Anemia Elizabeth Wolo and James W. Heitz; 41. Hemorrhage Jeremy L. Hensley and Stephen O. Bader; 42. Intraoperative awareness Michelle Beam and James W. Heitz; Part III. Special Considerations: 43. Special considerations for mechanical ventilation Yousef Hamdeh, Zara Y. Mergan and James W. Heitz; 44. Special considerations for the pediatric patient Peter Jonathan Gambino, Allan F. Simpao and Zvi Grunwald; 45. Special consideration for the pregnant patient after non-obstetric surgery Suzanne Huffnagle and H. Jane Huffnagle; 46. Special considerations for the cardiac patient with implanted devices Ryan P. Maxwell and Jordan E. Goldhammer; 47. Special considerations for the morbidly obese patient Emily J. MacKay and Michele Mele; 48. Special considerations for the renal failure patient Eric S. Schwenk; 49. Special considerations for pain management Benjamin Vaghari, Jaime Baratta and Kishor Gandhi; 50. PACU emergencies Robert F. Olszewski, Jr; Index.