Inductive reasoning : experimental, developmental, and computational approaches [E-Book] / edited by Aidan Feeney, Evan Heit.
Feeney, Aidan, (editor)
Heit, Evan, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007
1 online resource (xix, 355 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface / Aidan Feeney and Evan Heit
  • What is induction and why study it? / Evan Heit
  • The development of inductive reasoning / Brett K. Hayes
  • Interpreting asymmetries of projection in children's inductive reasoning / Douglas l. Medin and Sandra Waxman
  • Property generalization as causal reasoning / Bob Rehder
  • Availability in category-based induction / Patrick Shafto, John D. Coley and Anna Vitkin
  • From similarity to chance sergey blok / Daniel Osherson and Douglas L. Medin
  • Theory-based bayesian models of inductive reasoning / Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Charles Spence & Patrick Shafto
  • Use of single or multiple categories in category-based induction / Gregory L. Murphy and Brian H. Ross
  • Abductive inference : from philosophical analysis to neural mechanisms / Paul Thagard
  • Mathematical induction and induction in mathematics / Lance J. Rips and Jennifer Asmuth
  • Induction, deduction and argument strength in human reasoning and argumentation / Mike Oaksford and Ulrike Hahn
  • Individual differences, dual processes, and induction / Aidan Feeney
  • Taxonomising induction / Steven Sloman.