Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews : With Addresses and Other Pieces [E-Book] / John Herschel.
Herschel, John, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1857
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Cambridge library collection. Astronomy
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First published in 1857, this work comprises assorted noteworthy writings by the mathematician and astronomer Sir John Herschel (1792-1871), reflecting his diverse scientific and literary interests. It includes a piece on terrestrial magnetism, a review of William Whewell's writings on the history and philosophy of science, and several addresses to the Royal Astronomical Society. Of particular interest is Herschel's commentary on Adolphe Quetelet's work on probability, which advocated applying statistics and probability calculus to social and political questions. Herschel's article not only influenced the growth of social science in Britain, but also played an important role in James Clerk Maxwell's development of a statistical treatment of heat phenomena. Also included in this collection are Herschel's translations of poems by Schiller (accompanied by the original German) as well as examples of his own verse. In an intriguing appendix, Herschel outlines a method for compiling vocabularies of indigenous peoples.