Linnaeus [E-Book] / Edited and translated by Benjamin Daydon Jackson, Theodor Magnus Fries.
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon, (editor of compilation, ,)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1923
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Cambridge library collection. Botany and Horticulture
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This biography of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707-78) was originally published in 1903 by another Swedish botanist, Theodor Magnus Fries (1832-1913). This English version, published in 1923, was translated and edited by British botanist Benjamin Daydon Jackson (1846-1927). Jackson is best known for founding (with J. D. Hooker) the Index Kewensis, the register of all botanical names of seed plants; he also acted as Secretary of the Linnean Society for twenty-two years, becoming its General Secretary in 1902. This biography covers the early life of Linnaeus (including some family history), his student years at Uppsala, his travels, his years as a teacher, notes on his personality and his relationship with the wider scientific community. Jackson provides further information in the appendices, enhancing Fries' work with Linnaeus' genealogy, a list of his pupils, his private notes on 'Divine Punishment' and a brief history of Sweden during Linnaeus' lifetime.