Sulphate-reducing bacteria : environmental and engineered systems [E-Book] / edited by Larry L. Barton and W. Allan Hamilton.
Barton, Larry, (editor)
Hamilton, W. Allan, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007
1 online resource (xviii, 533 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface; 1. Energy metabolism and phylogenetic diversity of sulphate-reducing bacteria Rudolf K. Thauer, Erko Stackebrandt and W. Allan Hamilton; 2. Molecular strategies for studies of natural populations of sulphate-reducing microorganisms David A. Stahl, Alexander Loy and Michael Wagner; 3. Functional genomics of sulphate-reducing prokaryotes Ralf Rabus and Axel Strittmatter; 4. Evaluation of stress response in sulphate-reducing bacteria through genome analysis J.D. Wall, H.C. Bill Yen, and E.C. Drury; 5. Response of sulphate-reducing bacteria to oxygen Henrik Sass and Heribert Cypionka; 6. Biochemical, proteomic and genetic characterization of oxygen survival mechanisms in sulphate-reducing bacteria of the genus Desulfovibrio Alain Dolla, Donald M. Kurtz, Jr., Miguel Teixeira and Gerrit Voordouw; 7. Biochemical, genetic and genomic characterization of anaerobic electron transport pathways in sulphate-reducing delta-proteobacteria Ines A.C. Pereira, Shelley A. Haveman and Gerrit Voordouw; 8. Dissimilatory nitrate and nitrite ammonification by sulphate-reducing eubacteria Jose J.G. Moura, Pablo Gonzalez, Isabel Moura and Guy Fauque; 9. Anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons with sulphate as electron acceptor Friedrich Widdel, Florin Musat, Katrin Knittel and Alexander Galushko; 10. Sulphate-reducing bacteria from oil field environments and deep-sea hydrothermal vents Bernard Ollivier, Jean-Luc Cayol and Guy Fauque; 11. The sub-seafloor biosphere and sulphate-reducing prokaryotes: their presence and significance R. John Parkes and Henrik Sass; 12. Eco-physiology of sulphate-reducing bacteria in environmental biofilms Satoshi Okabe; 13. Bioprocess engineering of sulphate reduction for environmental technology Piet N.L. Lens, Marcus Vallero and Giovanni Esposito; 14. Bioremediation of metals and metalloids by precipitation and cellular binding Simon L. Hockin and Geoffrey M. Gadd; 15. Enzymatic and genomic studies on the reduction of mercury and selected metallic oxy-anions by sulphate-reducing bacteria Mireille Bruschi, Larry L. Barton, Florence Goulhen, and Richard M. Plunkett; 16. Sulphate-reducing bacteria and their role in corrosion of ferrous materials Iwona B. Beech and Jan A. Sunner; 17. Anaerobic metabolism of nitroaromatic compounds and bioremediation of explosive by sulphate-reducing bacteria Raj Boopathy; 18. Sulphate-reducing bacteria and the human large intestine George T. Macfarlane, John H. Cummings and Sandra Macfarlan.