Anthropological perspectives on tooth morphology : genetics, evolution, variation [E-Book] / edited by G. Richard Scott, University of Nevada, Reno, Joel D. Irish, Liverpool John Moores University.
Scott, George Richard, (editor)
Irish, Joel D., (editor) / Turner, Christy G., (honoree)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
1 online resource (xiii, 559 pages)
Cambridge studies in biological and evolutionary anthropology ; 66
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Table of Contents:
  • Bite marks in tule quids : the life and times of a dental anthropologist / Christy G. Turner II
  • Twin and family studies of human dental crown morphology : genetic, epigenetic, and environmental determinants of the modern human dentition / Toby E. Hughes and Grant C. Townsend
  • Teeth, morphogenesis, and levels of variation in the human Carabelli trait / Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg [and others]
  • The expression of human sex chromosome genes in oral and craniofacial growth / Lassi Alvesalo
  • Significant among-population associations found between dental characters and environmental factors / Yuji Mizoguchi
  • Using geometric morphometrics to study the mechanisms that pattern primate dental variation / Oliver T. Rizk and others]
  • Evolution of hominin postcanine macromorphology : a comparative meta-analysis / Kes Schroer and Bernard Wood
  • Dental morphology of European Middle Pleistocene populations / María Martinón-Torres [and others]
  • What does it mean to be dentally "modern"? / Shara E. Bailey and Jean-Jacques Hublin
  • From outer to inner structural morphology in dental anthropology : integration of the third dimension in the visualization and quantitative analysis of fossil remains. / Roberto Macchiarelli [and others]
  • Afridonty : the "Sub-Saharan African Dental Complex" revisited / Joel D. Irish
  • Basque dental morphology and the "Eurodont" dental pattern / G. Richard Scott [and others]
  • A first look at the dental morphometrics of early Palauans / Greg C. Nelson and Scott M. Fitzpatrick
  • Grades, gradients, and geography : a dental morphometric approach to the population history of South Asia / Brian E. Hemphill
  • Do all Asians look alike? : a dental nonmetric analysis of population diversity at the dawn of the Chinese empire (770 BC-AD 420) / Christine Lee and Linhu Zhang
  • Sinodonty and beyond : hemispheric, regional, and intracemetery approaches to studying dental morphological variation in the New World / Christopher M. Stojanowski, Kent M. Johnson, and William N. Duncan
  • Crown morphology of Malay deciduous teeth : trait frequencies and biological affinities / John R. Lukacs and Sri Kuswandari
  • Geographic structure of dental variation in the major human populations of the world / Tsunehiko Hanihara
  • New approaches to the use of dental morphology in forensic contexts / Heather J.H. Edgar and Stephen D. Ousley
  • Wear's the problem? : examining the effect of dental wear on studies of crown morphology / Scott E. Burnett, Joel D. Irish, and Michael R. Fong.