Darwinian hedonism and the epidemic of unhealthy behavior [E-Book] / David M. Williams.
Williams, David M., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019
1 online resource (xix, 360 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction; Part I. Unhealthy behavior: 2. The epidemic of unhealthy behavior; 3. Understanding the causes of behavior; 4. A causal chain of behavior; 5. Contents of the mind; 6. What are the causes of unhealthy behavior?; Part II. Psychological Hedonism: 7. Psychological hedonism and its problems; 8. Reformulating psychological hedonism; 9. Pleasure, displeasure, and affective valence; 10. Hedonic response; 11. Sources of hedonic response; 12. Reward, incentive salience, and hedonic motivation; 13. Incentive conditioning: from hedonic response to hedonic motivation; 14. Hedonic versus reflective motivation; 15. From hedonic motivation to unhealthy behavior; 16. The theory of hedonic motivation; Part III. Darwinian Hedonism: 17. Darwinian hedonism; 18. Neo-Darwinism; 19. The evolutionary function of psychological hedonism; 20. The phylogenetic development of psychological hedonism; Part IV. Darwinian Hedonism and Unhealthy Behavior: 21. Motivational mismatch; 22. Darwinian hedonism and unhealthy behavior; 23. Darwinian hedonism and hedonic desire for calorie-dense foods; 24. Darwinian hedonism and hedonic dread of physical activity; 25. Darwinian hedonism and hedonic desire for smoking, drinking, and drug use; 26. Health behavior interventions; 27. Darwinian hedonism and health-behavior policy; 28. Darwinian hedonism and political will; 29. Conclusions and future directions; Appendix A: hedonic motivation and other motivation concepts; Appendix B: anticipating criticisms of Darwinian hedonism.