Self-awareness in animals and humans : developmental perspectives [E-Book] / edited by Sue Taylor Parker, Robert W. Mitchell and Maria L. Boccia.
Parker, Sue Taylor, (editor)
Mitchell, Robert W., (editor) / Boccia, Maria, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xviii, 442 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Expanding dimensions of the self : through the looking glass and beyond / Sue Taylor Parker, Robert W. Mitchell and Maria L. Boccia
  • Myself and me / Michael Lewis
  • Self-recognition : research strategies and experimental design / Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.
  • From self-recognition to theory of mind / György Gergely
  • Mutual awareness in primate communication : a Gricean approach / Juan Carlos Gómez
  • Multiplicities of self / Robert W. Mitchell
  • Contributions of imitation and role-playing games to the construction of self in primates / Sue Taylor Parker and Constance Milbrath
  • Detection of self : the perfect algorithm / John S. Watson
  • Social imitation and the emergence of a mental model of self / Daniel Hart and Suzanne Fegley
  • Minds, bodies and persons : young children's understanding of the self and others as reflected in imitation and theory of mind research / Alison Gopnik and Andrew N. Meltzoff
  • Social and cognitive factors in chimpanzee and gorilla mirror behavior and self-recognition / Karyl B. Swartz and Siân Evans
  • The comparative and developmental study of self-recognition and imitation : the importance of social factors / Deborah Custance and Kim A. Bard
  • Shadows and mirrors : alternative avenues to the development of self-recognition in chimpanzees / Sarah T. Boysen, Kirstan M. Bryan and Traci A. Shreyer
  • Symbolic representation of possession in a chimpanzee / Shoji Itakura
  • Self-awareness in bonobos and chimpanzees : a comparative perspective / Charles W. Hyatt and William D. Hopkins
  • Me Chantek : the development of self-awareness in a signing orangutan / H. Lyn White Miles
  • Self-recognition and self-awareness in lowland gorillas / Francine G.P. Patterson and Ronald H. Cohn.
  • How to create self-recognizing gorillas (but don't try it on macaques) / Daniel J. Povinelli
  • Incipient mirror self-recognition in zoo gorillas and chimpanzees / Sue Taylor Parker
  • Do gorillas recognize themselves on television? / Lindsay E. Law and Andrew J. Lock
  • The monkey in the mirror : a strange conspecific / James R. Anderson
  • The question of mirror-mediated self-recognition in apes and monkeys : some new results and reservations / Robert L. Thompson and Susan L. Boatright-Horowitz
  • Mirror behavior in macaques / Maria L. Boccia
  • Evidence of self-awareness in the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) / Kenneth Marten and Suchi Psarakos
  • Mirror self-recognition in bottlenose dolphins : implications for comparative investigations of highly dissimilar species / Lori Marino, Diana Reiss and Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.
  • Further reflections on mirror-usage by pigeons : lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh and Pinocchio too / Roger K.R. Thompson and Cynthia L. Contie
  • Evolving self-awareness / Sue Taylor Parker and Robert W. Mitchell.