Accounting for carbon : monitoring, reporting and verifying emissions in the climate economy [E-Book] / edited by Valentin Bellassen and Nicolas Stephan.
Bellassen, Valentin, (editor)
Stephan, Nicolas, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (xxii, 540 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Introduction: Key notions and trade-offs involved in MRVing emissions / Valentin Bellassen and Ian Cochran
  • Part I. MRV of territorial/jurisdictional emissions
  • 2. Trend setter for territorial schemes : national GHG inventories under the UNFCCC / Jean-Pierre Chang, Valentin Bellassen
  • 3. Variant n°1: Region/city geographical inventories / Ian Cochran
  • 4. Variant n°2: Sectoral MRV at the jurisdictional level : forestry (REDD+) in the VCS and the UNFCCC / Mariana Deheza, Valentin Bellassen
  • Part II. MRV of industrial sites and entities
  • 5. Trend setter for companies and industrial sites : the EU Emissions Trading Scheme / Guillaume Jacquier, Valentin Bellassen
  • 6. Variant n°1: The waste sector in Australia's carbon pricing mechanism, another ETS at site level / Marion Afriat, Emilie Alberola
  • 7. Variant n°2: Non-site level emissions in an ETS : the case of electricity importers in the California cap-and-trade / Marion Afriat, Emilie Alberola
  • 8. Variant n°3: Emissions of a company/institution rather than a site : the case of the Shenzhen ETS / Caspar Chiquet
  • 9. Variant n°4: Coexistence of voluntary and mandatory frameworks at the company level : Carbon Disclosure Project, EU ETS and French legal requirements / Romain Morel & Ian Cochran
  • 10. Direct measurement in the EU ETS / Chris Dimopoulos
  • Part III. MRV at offset project scale
  • 11. Trend setter for projects : the Clean Development Mechanism / Igor Shishlov
  • 12. Case study n°1: Monitoring requirements for projects reducing N2O emissions from fertilizer use across standards / Claudine Foucherot
  • 13. Case study n°2: Monitoring requirements for reforestation and improved forest management projects across standards / Mariana Deheza
  • 14. Case study n°3: Monitoring requirements for fugitive emissions from fuels in the CDM / Alexandra Barker, Rod Robinson
  • 15. Synthesis / Valentin Bellassen, Nicolas Stephan, Marion Afriat, Emilie Alberola, Ally Barker, Jean-Pierre Chang, Caspar Chiquet, Ian Cochran, Mariana Deheza, Chris Dimopoulos, Claudine Foucherot, Guillaume Jacquier, Romain Morel, Rod Robinson and Igor Shishlov.