Ethical issues in maternal-fetal medicine [E-Book] / edited by Donna L. Dickenson.
Dickenson, Donna, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (xi, 353 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: recent debates in maternal-fetal medicine
  • what are the ethical questions? / Donna L. Dickenson
  • Overview: a framework for reproductive ethics / Carson Strong
  • Multicultural issues in maternal-fetal medicine / Sirkku Kristiina Hellsten
  • HIV in pregnancy: ethical issues in screening and therapeutic research / Paquita de Zulueta
  • Genetic screening: should parents seek to perfect their children genetically: / Rosemarie Tong
  • Is there a duty not to reproduce? / Jean McHale
  • Between fathers and fetuses: the social construction of male reproduction and the politics of fetal harm / Cynthia R. Daniels
  • Restricting the freedom of pregnant women / Susan Bewley
  • Ethical issues in embryo interventions and cloning / Franc̜oise Shenfield
  • A case-study in IVF: paternalism and autonomy in a 'high-risk' pregnancy / Gillian M. Lockwood
  • The ethics of secrecy in donor insemination / Heather Widdows
  • Ethical and social aspects of evaluating fetal screening / Elina Hemminki
  • Prenatal counselling and images of disability / Priscilla Alderson
  • Models of motherhood in the abortion debate: self-sacrifice versus self-defence / Eileen McDonagh
  • Who owns embryonic and fetal tissue? / Donna L. Dickenson
  • The fewer the better? Ethical issues in multiple gestation / Mary B. Mahowald
  • Caesarean section: who chooses
  • the woman or her doctor? / Wendy Savage
  • Judgements of non-compliance in pregnancy / Franc̜oise Baylis and Susan Sherwin
  • Do the new reproductive technologies benefit or harm children? / Christine Overall
  • Are there lives not worth living? When is it morally wrong to reproduce? / Rebecca Bennett and John Harris
  • Ethical issues in withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from handicapped neonates / Neil McIntosh.