Error and inference : recent exchanges on experimental reasoning, reliability, and the objectivity and rationality of science [E-Book] / edited by Deborah G. Mayo, Aris Spanos.
Mayo, Deborah G., (editor)
Spanos, Aris, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (xvii, 419 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction and background / Deborah G. Mayo and Aris Spanos
  • 1. Learning from error, severe testing, and the growth of theoretical knowledge / Deborah G. Mayo
  • 2. The life of theory in the new experimentalism : can scientific theories be warranted? / Alan Chalmers
  • Can scientific theories be warranted with severity? : exchanges with Alan Chalmers / Deborah G. Mayo
  • 3. Revisiting critical rationalism
  • Critical rationalism, explanation, and severe tests / Alan Musgrave
  • Toward progressive critical rationalism : exchanges with Alan Musgrave / Deborah G. Mayo
  • 4. Theory confirmation and novel evidence
  • Error, tests, and theory confirmation / John Worrall
  • Ad hoc save of a theory of adhocness? : exchanges with John Worrall / Deborah G. Mayo
  • 5. Induction and severe testing
  • Mill's sins or Mayo's errors? / Peter Achinstein
  • Sins of the epistemic probabilist : exchanges with Peter Achinstein / Deborah G. Mayo
  • 6. Theory testing in economics and the error-statistical perspective / Aris Spanos
  • 7. New perspectives on (some old) problems of frequentist statistics
  • Frequentist statistics as a theory of inductive inference / Deborah G. Mayo and David Cox
  • Objectivity and conditionality in frequentist inference / David Cox and Deborah G. Mayo
  • An error in the argument from conditionality and sufficiency to the likelihood principle / Deborah G. Mayo
  • On a new philosophy of frequentist inference : exchanges with David Cox and Deborah G. Mayo / Aris Spanos
  • 8. Causal modeling, explanation and severe testing
  • Explanation and truth / Clark Glymour
  • Explanation and testing exchanges with Clark Glymour / Deborah G. Mayo
  • Graphical causal modeling and error statistics : exchanges with Clark Glymour / Aris Spanos
  • 9. Error and legal epistemology
  • Anomaly of affirmative defenses / Larry Laudan
  • Error and the law : exchanges with Larry Laudan / Deborah G. Mayo.