Frontiers of climate modeling [E-Book] / edited by J.T. Kiehl, V. Ramanathan.
Kiehl, J. T., (editor)
Ramanathan, Veerabhadran, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (x, 367 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Overview of climate modeling / J.T. Kiehl
  • Climate-change modeling : a brief history of the theory and recent twenty-first-century ensemble simulations / W.M. Washington, A. Dai, and G.A. Meehl
  • Energy-balance climate models / G.R. North and M.J. Stevens
  • Instrinsic climatic variability : an essay on modes and mechanisms of oceanic and atmospheric fluid dynamics / J.C. McWilliams
  • The radiative forcing due to clouds and water vapor / V. Ramanathan and A. Inamdar
  • A model study of the effect of Pinatubo volcanic aerosols on stratospheric temperatures / V. Ramaswamy [and others]
  • Unresolved issues in atmospheric solar absorption / W.D. Collins
  • Cloud feedbacks / D.A. Randall [and others]
  • Water-vapor feedback / D.H. Rind
  • Water-vapor observations / B.J. Soden
  • New frontiers in remote sensing of aerosols and their radiative forcing of climate / Y.J. Kaufman, L.A. Remer, And D. Tanré
  • Cloud-climate feedback : lessons learned from two El Niño events / M. Zhang
  • Runaway greenhouses and runaway glaciations : how stable is earth's climate? / J.F. Kasting.