Applied nonsingular astrodynamics optimal low-thrust orbit transfer [E-Book] / Jean Albert Kéchichian (The Aerospace Corporation (retired)).
Kéchichian, Jean Albert, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018
1 online resource (xvii, 461 pages)
Cambridge aerospace series ; 45
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This essential book describes the mathematical formulations and subsequent computer simulations required to accurately project the trajectory of spacecraft and rockets in space, using the formalism of optimal control for minimum-time transfer in general elliptic orbit. The material will aid research students in aerospace engineering, as well as practitioners in the field of spaceflight dynamics, in developing simulation software to carry out trade studies useful in vehicle and mission design. It will teach readers to develop flight software for operational applications in autonomous mode, so to actually transfer space vehicles from one orbit to another. The practical, real-life applications discussed will give readers a clear understanding of the mathematics of orbit transfer, allow them to develop their own operational software to fly missions, and to use the contents as a research tool to carry out even more complex analyses.