Applied geophysics in periglacial environments [E-Book] / C. Hauck, and C. Kneisel.
Hauck, C., (author)
Kneisel, C., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008
1 online resource (xv, 240 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Electrical methods / C. Kniesel and C. Hauck
  • Electromagnetic methods / A. Hördt and C. Hauck
  • Refraction seismics / L. Schrott and T. Hoffmann
  • Ground-penetrating radar / I. Berthling and K. Melvold
  • Typology of vertical electrical soundings for permafrost/ground ice investigation in the forefields of small alpine glaciers / R. Delaloye and C. Lambiel
  • ERT imaging for frozen ground detection / M. Ishikawa
  • Electrical resistivity values of frozen soil from VES and TEM field observations and laboratory experiments / K. Harada
  • Results of geophysical surveys on Kasprowy Wierch, the Tatra Mountains, Poland / W. Dobinski [and others]
  • Reassessment of DC resistivity in rock glaciers by comparing with P-wave velocity : a case study in the Swiss Alps / A. Ikeda
  • Quantifying the ice content in low-altitude scree slopes using geophysical methods / C. Hauck and C. Kniesel
  • The use of GPR in determining talus thickness and talus structure / O. Sass
  • GPR soundings of rock glaciers on Svalbard / I. Berthling [and others]
  • Arctic glaciers and ground-penetrating radar, case study : Stagnation Glacier, Bylot Island, Canada / T. Irvine-Fynn and B. Moorman
  • Mapping of subglacial topography using GPR for determining subglacial hydraulic conditions / K. Melvold and T.V. Schuler
  • Snow measurements using GPR : example from Amundsenisen, Svalbard / K. Melvold
  • Mapping frazil ice conditions in rivers using ground penetrating radar / I. Berthling, H. Benjaminsen, and A. Kvambekk.