Foundations of psychiatric sleep medicine [E-Book] / edited by John W. Winkelman, David T. Plante.
Winkelman, John W., (editor)
Plante, David T., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (xiv, 415 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Sleep medicine and psychiatry: history and significance / J. Allan Hobson
  • Normal sleep
  • Neuroanatomy and neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness / James T. McKenna, Ritchie E. Brown and Robert W. McCarley
  • Neurophysiology and neuroimaging of human sleep / Fabio Ferrarelli and Ruth M. Benca
  • Functions of sleep Marcos / G. Frank
  • Dreams / Michael Schredl
  • Principles of evaluation and management
  • Taking a sleep history / Karl Doghramji and Dani Choufani
  • Primary sleep disorders in psychiatric contexts
  • Sleep-related breathing disorders / In-Soo Lee and Joel E. Dimsdale
  • Sleep-related movement disorders / Marta Novak, Andras Szentkiralyi and Magdolna Hornyak
  • Hypersomnias of central origin / Chad C. Hagen and Jed E. Black
  • Parasomnias / Thomas D. Hurwitz and Carlos H. Schenck
  • Circadian rhythm disorders / Katy Borodkin and Yaron Dagan
  • Insomnia in psychiatric contexts
  • Principles of insomnia / Wendy M. Troxel and Daniel J. Buysse
  • Treatment of insomnia: pharmacotherapy / Andrew D. Krystal
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia / Philip R. Gehrman, Dieter Riemann, Donn Posner and Michael Perlis
  • Sleep disturbance in psychiatric illness
  • Depressive disorders / Philip R. Gehrman [and others]
  • Bipolar disorder / David T. Plante and John W. Winkelman
  • Sleep in anxiety disorders / Candice A. Alfano and Thomas A. Mellman
  • Psychotic disorders / Allen Richert
  • Sleep in substance use disorders / Dierdre A. Conroy, J. Todd Arnedt and Kirk J. Brower
  • Sleep in dementias / Aimee L. Pierce and Alon Y. Avidan
  • Sleep in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) / Samuele Cortese and Michel Lecendreux
  • Sleep in pediatric mood and anxiety disorders / Valerie McLaughlin Crabtree and Anna Ivanenko
  • Sleep in developmental disorders / Gregory Stores
  • Future directions
  • Future at the sleep-psychiatry interface / David T. Plante and John W. Winkelman.