Essential values-based practice : clinical stories linking science with people [E-Book] / by K.W.M. (Bill) Fulford, Ed Peile, Heidi Carroll.
Fulford, K. W. M., (author)
Peile, Ed, (author) / Carroll, Heidi, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xv, 215 pages)
Values-based practice
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword , from a patient perspective
  • Foreword, from a clinician perspective
  • A bold claim to start this book
  • Prologue: linking science with people
  • Values, individuals and an overview of values-based practice: introduction to 'it's my back, doctor!' (episode 1): values in clinical decision making
  • 'It's my back, Doctor!' (episode 2): applying the tools already in the clinical toolbox for working with values to individuals
  • An outline of values-based practice: its point, premise and ten-part process
  • The clinical skills for values-based practice: introduction to recovery in schizophrenia: a values wake-up call
  • Teenage acne: widening our values horizons
  • A smoking enigma: getting (and not getting) the knowledge
  • Diabetic control and controllers: nothing without communication
  • Relationships in values-based practice: introduction to 'best' in breast cancer: clinician values and person-centred care
  • Risks in safeguarding children: team values as well as skills
  • Science and values-based practice: introduction to the reluctant hypertensive: think evidence, think values too!
  • Unexplainable abdominal pain: think values, think evidence too!
  • Elective fertility: think high-tech, think evidence and values!
  • Bringing it all together: introduction to a good (enough) death: dissensus in end of life care
  • 'It's my back, Doctor!' (episode 3)
  • Postscript: the small change of care
  • A bold claim to end this book.