Matrix methods in the design analysis of mechanisms and multibody systems [E-Book] / John Uicker, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Pradip N. Sheth, University of Virginia, Bahram Ravani, University of California, Davis.
Uicker, John Joseph, (author)
Sheth, Pradip N., (author) / Ravani, Bahram, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
1 online resource (xviii, 326 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. Concepts and definitions; 2. Topology and kinematic architecture; 3. Transformation matrices in kinematics; 4. Modeling mechanisms and multibody systems with transformation matrices; 5. Position analysis by kinematic equations; 6. Differential kinematics and numeric solution of posture equations 7. Velocity analysis; 8. Acceleration analysis; 9. Modeling dynamic aspects of mechanisms and multibody systems; 10. Dynamic equations of motion; 11. Linearized equations of motion; 12. Equilibrium position analysis; 13. Frequency response of mechanisms and multibody systems; 14. Time response of mechanisms and multibody systems; 15. Collision detection; 16. Impact analysis; 17. Constraint force analysis.