Clinical ethics in pediatrics : a case-based textbook [E-Book] / edited by Douglas S. Diekema, Mark R. Mercurio, Mary B. Adam.
Diekema, Douglas S., (editor)
Mercurio, Mark R., (editor) / Adam, Mary B., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (xiv, 248 pages)
Cambridge medicine
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Table of Contents:
  • Core issues in clinical pediatric ethics
  • Pediatric decision-making: informed consent, parental permission, and child assent / Yoram Unguru
  • Pediatric decision-making: adolescent patients / Emily C. Goodlander and Jessica Wilen Berg
  • Parental refusal of recommended medical interventions / Douglas S. Diekema
  • Adolescent confidentiality / Malcolm Parker
  • Refusals of intervention in adolescents and young adults / Maureen Kelley
  • Family beliefs and the medical care of children / Roger Worthington and Mark R. Mercurio
  • Fidelity and truthfulness in the pediatric setting: withholding information from children and adolescents / Christine Harrison
  • Fidelity and truthfulness: disclosure of errors / David J. Loren and Thomas H. Gallagher
  • Requests for 'non-therapeutic' interventions in children: male circumcision / E. Charlisse Caga-anan and Anthony J. Thomas
  • Ethical issues at the beginning of life: perinatology and neonatology
  • Maternal-fetal conflicts / Christy L. Cummings and Mark R. Mercurio
  • Fetal interventions and fetal care centers / Steven Leuthner
  • Ripped from the headlines: assisted reproductive technology and multiple births / Jeffrey Ecker and Howard Minkoff
  • Preimplantation and prenatal genetic testing for inherited diseases, dispositions, and traits / Jeffrey R. Botkin
  • Decision-making in the delivery room / Mark R. Mercurio
  • Withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining intervention from neonates / Andrew C. Beckstrom and David E. Woodrum
  • Role of quality of life assessments in neonatal care / John Wyatt
  • Variations of practice in the care of extremely preterm infants / Annie Janvier and John D. Lantos
  • When a child dies: ethical issues at the end of life
  • End-of-life care: resolving disputes over life-sustaining interventions / Kelly Michelson and Joel Frader
  • Futility / Norman Fost
  • Advance directives and DNR orders / Jeffrey P. Burns and Christine Mitchell
  • Determination of death / Geoffrey Miller
  • Physician-assisted dying in children / Alexander A. Kon
  • Groningen protocol / A.A. Eduard Verhagen and John D. Lantos
  • Defining beneficience in the face of death: symptom management in dying children / Marcia Levetown
  • Ethical issues posed by advances in medical technology and science
  • Miners as recipients and donors in solid organ transplantation / Aviva M. Goldberg and Joel Frader
  • Enhancement technologies and children / Jennifer C. Kesselheim
  • Cochlear implants and deaf children / Halle Showalter Salas
  • Ethical issues in the treatment of pediatric patients with disorders of sex development / Rebecca M. Harris and Joel Frader
  • Sterilizing procedures in minors with cognitive disabilities / Donald Brunnquell
  • Parental requests for intervention in children with lethal conditions / Benjamin S. Wilfond and John C. Carey
  • Genetic testing and screening of minors / Lainie Friedman Ross
  • Introduction of innovative technology into practice / John D. Lantos
  • Human subjects research involving children / Valerie Blake and Eric Kodish
  • Children, public health and justice
  • Resource allocation and triage in disasters and pandemics / Jeffrey P. Burns and Christine Mitchell
  • Parental refusals of vaccination and school vaccine mandates: balancing parental freedom, child welfare, and public health / Douglas Opel and Douglas S. Diekema
  • When institutional, professional, and public health obligations conflict: the controversial case of youth boxing / Stephayna B. Shear, Carolyn Korfiatis, and Douglas S. Diekema
  • Special topics in pediatric ethics
  • Industry representatives, gift-giving, and conflicts of interest / Ellen L. Blank and D. Micah Hester
  • Patient participation in medical training / Armand H. Matheny Antommaria
  • Boundary issues in pediatrics / Ian R. Holzman
  • Impaired, incompentent, or unethical provider / Jennifer Guon and Douglas S. Diekema
  • Ethics committees and consultation services.