The impact of binary stars on stellar evolution [E-Book] / edited by Giacomo Beccari, Henri M. J. Boffin.
Beccari, Giacomo, (editor)
Boffin, H., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019
1 online resource
Cambridge astrophysics series ; 54
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Table of Contents:
  • Statistics of binary and multiple stars / M. Moe
  • Gaia and LSST: their importance in binary star research / L. Eyer et al.
  • Population synthesis of binary stars / R.G. Izzard and G.M. Halabi
  • Low-and intermediate-mass star evolution: open problems / M. Salaris
  • The symbiotic stars / U. Munari
  • Binary post-AGB stars as tracers of stellar evolution / H. Van Winckel
  • The importance of binarity in the formation and evolution of planetary nebulae / D. Jones
  • Massive star evolution: binaries as two single stars / C. Georgy and S. Ekstroom
  • Binarity at high masses / H. Sana
  • Luminous blue variables: their formation and instability in the context of binary interactions / A. Mehner
  • Type la supernovae: where are they coming from and where will they lead us? / F. Patat and N. Hallakoun
  • Binary interactions and gamma-ray bursts / N.R. Tanvir
  • Binaries as sources of gravitational waves / G. Nelemans
  • The impact of binaries on the stellar initial mass function / P. Kroupa and T. Jerabkova
  • The formation of binary stars: insights from theory and observation / C.J. Clarke
  • The maxwell's demon of star clusters / M. Mapelli
  • Alternative stellar evolution pathways / R.D. Mathieu and E.M. Leiner
  • Clocks and scales: playing with the physics of blue stragglers / F.R. Ferraro and B. Lanzoni
  • Binaries at very low metallicity / S. Lucatello
  • Population and spectral synthesis: it doesn't work without binaries / J.J. Eldridge & E.R. Stanway.