Adolescent substance abuse : research and clinical advances [E-Book] / edited by Howard A. Liddle, Cynthia L. Rowe.
Liddle, Howard A., (editor)
Rowe, Cynthia L., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (xv, 509 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Treating adolescent substance abuse: state of the science / Cynthia L. Rowe and Howard A. Liddle
  • 2. The developmental context for adolescent substance abuse intervention / Judith S. Brook, David W. Brook and Kerstin Pahl
  • 3. Recent methodological and statistical advances: a latent variable grouth modeling framework / Terry E. Duncan [and others]
  • 4. Clinical course of youth following treatment for alcohol and drug problems / Sandra A. Brown and Danielle E. Ramo
  • 5. Cannabis youth treatment intervention: preliminary findings and implications / Janet C. Titus and Michael L. Dennis
  • 6. Epidemiological trends and clinical implications of adolescent substance abuse in Europe / Cecilia A. Essau
  • 7. The drug abuse treatment outcomes studies: outcomes with adolescent substance abusers / Christine Grella
  • 8. Adolescent treatment services: the context of care / M. Katherine Kraft [and others]
  • 9. The principles of service organization and practice in England / Paul McArdle and Eilish Gilvarry
  • 10. Health services with drug abusing adolescents: the next frontier of research / Jerry P. Flanzer
  • 11. Clinical perspectives on assessment of adolescents drug abuse / Ken C. Winters
  • 12. Psychopharmacology of adolescents with substance use disorders: using diagnostic-specific treatments / Oscar G. Bukstein and Jack Cornelius
  • 13. Developmentally informed diagnostic and treatment considerations in comorbid conditions / Elizabeth A. Whitmore and Paula D. Riggs
  • 14. Prevention of infection with human immunodeficiency virus in adolescent substance abusers / Robert M. Malow [and others]
  • 15. Adolescent therapeutic communities: future directions for practice and research / Nancy Jainchill
  • 16. School-based group treatment for adolescent substance abuse / Eric F. Wagner and Mark J. Macgowan
  • 17. Profiles of change in behavioral and family interventions for adolescent substance abuse and dependence / Holly Waldron [and others]
  • 18. Behavioral management approaches for adolescent substance abuse / John M. Roll and Donnie Watson
  • 19. Evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies for adolescent substance use disorders: applications and challenges / Yifrah Kaminer and Holly Barrett Waldron
  • 20. Family-centered treatment for American Indian adolescent substance abuse: toward a culturally and historically informed strategy / Allison J. Boyd-Ball and Thomas J. Dishion
  • 21. Using treatment development methods to enhance the family-based treatment of Hispanic adolescents / Daniel A. Santisteban [and others]
  • 22. The road ahead: achievements and for research into the treatment of adolescent substance abuse / Howard A. Liddle and Arlene Frank.