Modelling natural action selection [E-Book] / edited by Anil K. Seth, Tony J. Prescott, Joanna J. Bryson.
Seth, Anil K., (editor)
Prescott, Tony J., (editor) / Bryson, Joanna J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xv, 544 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword / Peter M. Todd
  • 1. General introduction / Anil K. Seth, Joanna J. Bryson, and Tony J. Prescott
  • pt. I. Rational and optimal decision making. 2. Introduction to pt. I : rational and optimal decision making / Anil K. Seth, Tony J. Prescott, and Joanna J. Bryson ; 3. Do we expect natural selection to produce rational behaviour? / Alasdair I. Houston, John M. McNamara, and Mark D. Steer ; 4. Optimised agent-based modelling of action selection / Anil K. Seth ; 5. Compromise strategies for action selection / Frederick L. Crabbe ; 6. Extending a biologically inspired model of choice : multi-alternatives, nonlinearity and value based multidimensional choice / Rafal Bogacz, Marius Usher, Jiaxiang Zhang, and James L. McClelland ; 7. Bayesian approaches to modelling action selection / Max Berniker, Kunlin Wei, and Konrad Kording ; 8. Post-retrieval inhibition in sequential memory search / Eddy J. Davelaar
  • pt. II. Computational neuroscience models. 9. Introduction to pt. II : computational neuroscience models / Tony J. Prescott, Joanna J. Bryson, and Anil K. Seth ; 10. Action selection and refinement in subcortical loops through basal ganglia and cerebellum / James C. Houk ; 11. Cortical mechanisms of action selection : the affordance competition hypothesis / Paul Cisek ; 12. Toward an executive without a homunculus : computational models of the prefrontal/basal ganglia system / Thomas E. Hazy, Michael J. Frank, and Randall C. O'Reilly ; 13. Hierarchically organized behaviour and its neural foundations / Matthew M. Botvinick, Yael Niv, and Andrew G. Barto ; 14. The medial reticular formation : a brainstem substrate for simple action selection? / Mark D. Humphries, Kevin N. Gurney, and Tony J. Prescott ; 15. Understanding decision-making deficits in neurological conditions : insights from models of natural action selection / Michael J. Frank, Anouk Scheres, and Scott J. Sherman ; 16. Biologically constrained action selection improves cognitive control in a model of the Stroop task / Tom Stafford and Kevin N. Gurney ; 17. Mechanisms of choice in the primate brain : a quick look at positive feedback / Jonathan M. Chambers, Kevin N. Gurney, Mark D. Humphries, and Tony J. Prescott
  • pt. III. Action selection in social contexts. 18. Introduction to pt. III : action selection in social contexts / Joanna J. Bryson, Tony J. Prescott, and Anil K. Seth ; 19. Agent-based models as scientific methodology : a case study analyzing the DomWorld theory of primate social structure and female dominance / Joanna J. Bryson, Yasushi Ando, and Hagen Lehmann ; 20. An agent-based model of group decision making in baboons / Russell A. Hill, Brian S. Logan, William I. Sellers, and Julian Zappala ; 21. Endogenous birth and death of political parties in dynamic party competition / Michael Laver, Ernest Sergenti, and Michel Schilperoord ; 22. On optimal decision making in brains and social insect colonies / James A.R. Marshall, Rafal Bogacz, Anna Dornhaus, Robert Planqué, Tim Kovacs, and Nigel R. Franks ; 23. State-dependent foraging rules for social animals in selfish herds / Sean A. Rands, Richard A. Pettifor, J. Marcus Rowcliffe, and Guy Cowlishaw.