Water justice [E-Book] / edited by Rutgerd Boelens, Wageningen University and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tom Perreault, Syracuse University, New York, and Jeroen Vos, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
Boelens, Rutgerd, (editor)
Perreault, Tom, (editor) / Vos, Jeroen, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018
1 online resource (xiv, 378 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : the multiple challenges and layers of water justice struggles / Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos, Tom Perreault
  • Water governance as a question of justice : politics, rights and representation / Dik Roth, Margreet Zwarteveen, K.C. Joy, Seema Kulkarni
  • Water grabbing : practices of contestation and appropriation of water resources in the context of expanding global capital / Gert Jan Veldwisch, Jennifer Franco, Lyla Mehta
  • De-politicized policy analysis : how the prevailing frameworks of analysis slight equity in water governance / Andrea K. Gerlak, Helen Ingram
  • Urban water and sanitation injustice : an analytical framework / Ben Crow
  • And not a single injustice remains : hydro-territorial colonization and techno-political transformations in Spain / Erik Swyngedouw, Rutgerd Boelens
  • Making space for the Cauca River in Colombia : inequalities and environmental citizenship / Renata Moreno-Quintero, Theresa Selfa
  • Reconfiguration of hydrosocial territories and water justice struggles / Lena Hommes, Rutgerd Boelens, Bibiana Duarte-Abadía, Juan Pablo Hidalgo, Jaime Hoogesteger
  • Large-scale dam development and counter movements : water justice struggles around Guatemala's Chixoy Dam / Barbara Rose Johnston
  • Indigenous people and water governance in Canada : regulatory injustice and prospects for feform / Karen Bakker, Rosie Simms, Nadia Joe, Leila Harris
  • Sanitation justice? : the multiple dimensions of urban sanitation inequalities / Maria Rusca, Cecilia Alda-Vidal, Michelle Kooy
  • Uniting diversity to build Europe's water movement Right2Water / Jerry van den Berge, Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos
  • Everyday water injustice and the politics of accommodation / Frances Cleaver
  • Sharing our water : inclusive development and global water justice in the anthropocene / Joyeeta Gupta
  • Neoliberal water governmentalities, virtual water trade, and contestations / Jeroen Vos, Rutgerd Boelens
  • Critical ecosystem infrastructure : governing the forests-water nexus in the Kenyan highlands / Connor Joseph Cavanagh
  • The meaning of mining, the memory of water : collective experience as environmental justice / Tom Perreault
  • New spaces for water justice? : groundwater extraction and changing gendered subjectivities in Morocco's Saïss Region / Lisa Bossenbroek, Margreet Zwarteveen
  • Conclusions : struggles for justice in a changing water world / Tom Perreault, Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos.