Spinors and space-time. [E-Book] / Roger Penrose, Wolfgang Rindler. Volume 2, Spinor and twistor methods in space-time geometry
Penrose, Roger, (author)
Rindler, Wolfgang, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1986
1 online resource (ix, 501 pages)
Cambridge monographs on mathematical physics
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In the two volumes that comprise this work Roger Penrose and Wolfgang Rindler introduce the calculus of 2-spinors and the theory of twistors, and discuss in detail how these powerful and elegant methods may be used to elucidate the structure and properties of space-time. In volume 1, Two-spinor calculus and relativistic fields, the calculus of 2-spinors is introduced and developed. Volume 2, Spinor and twistor methods in space-time geometry, introduces the theory of twistors, and studies in detail how the theory of twistors and 2-spinors can be applied to the study of space-time. This work will be of great value to all those studying relativity, differential geometry, particle physics and quantum field theory from beginning graduate students to experts in these fields.