Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system [E-Book] / [edited by] Trevor Kilpatrick, Richard M. Ransohoff, Steven Wesselingh.
Kilpatrick, Trevor, (editor)
Ransohoff, Richard M., (editor) / Wesselingh, Steven, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (viii, 271 pages)
Cambridge medicine
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Table of Contents:
  • Interactions between the immune and nervous systems
  • Effectors and determinants of the innate and adaptive immune responses / Edgar Meinl & Hartmut Wekerle
  • Microglia: protective and pathogenic mediators / Bevyn Jarrott & Karina Apricơ
  • The role of dendritic cells in neuro-inflammation / Heather Donaghy, Edwina J. Wright & Anthony L. Cunningham
  • Negotiating the brain barriers: access of immune cells and pathogens into the CNS / Britta Engelghardt
  • Autoimmunity
  • Immune effector heterogeneity in multiple sclerosis and related CNS inflammatory demyelinating disorders Shaunu F. Roemer & Claudia F. Lucchinetti
  • Multiple sclerosis : neuro-immune cross-talk in acute and progressive stages of the disease / Martin Kerschensteiner & Reinhard Hohlfeld
  • CD8+ T Cell-mediated autoimmune diseases in the CNS / Lisa Walter & Matthew L. Albert
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: determinants and manifestations / Eppie M. Yiu & Andrew J. Kornberg
  • Primary angiitis of the CNS and its mimics / Tina Chadha, George F. Duna & Leonard H. Calabrese
  • Microbiological and traumatic challenges to the CNS
  • Acute viral encephalitis : role of the immune system in viral clearance from the CNS and in the generation of pathology / David N. Irani & Natalie Prow
  • Chronic HIV infection of the CNS: role of the immune system in virological control and the generation of pathology / Carolyn F. Orr & Bruce J. Brew
  • Brain inflammation during bacterial meningitis / Trine H. Mogensen & Lars Østergaard
  • Parasitic infections of the brain: malaria and beyond / Stephen J. Rogerson & Danny A. Milner, Jr
  • Role of the inflammatory process in traumatic brain damage / Cristina Morganti-Kossmann [and others]
  • Therapy
  • HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: clinical features and therapeutic challenges / Nicoline Schiess & Justin C. McArthur
  • Role of immunomodulation in management of infections of the CNS / Miles H. Beaman
  • Neuroinflammation: an emerging therapeutic target in neurological disease / Joseph M. Antony & Christopher Power.