The Cambridge guide to the solar system [E-Book] / Kenneth R. Lang.
Lang, Kenneth R., (author)
Second edition.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (xxv, 475 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Changing views and fundamental concepts : Evolving perspectives: a historical prologue ; The new, close-up view from space ; Atmospheres, magnetospheres, and the solar wind
  • The inner solar system: rocky worlds : Restless Earth: third rock from the Sun ; The Earth's Moon: stepping stone to the planets ; Mercury: a dense battered world ; Venus: the veiled planet ; Mars: the red planet
  • The giant planets, their satellites and their rings: worlds of liquid, ice and gas : Jupiter: a giant primitive planet ; Saturn: lord of the rings ; Uranus and Neptune
  • Remnants of creation: small worlds in the solar system : Asteroids and meteorites ; Colliding worlds ; Comets ; Beyond Neptune
  • Origin of the solar system and extrasolar planets : Brave new worlds.