Fundamentals of surgical practice [E-Book] / edited by Andrew N. Kingsnorth, MS, FRCS, FACS, Consultant Surgeon, Derriford Hospital and Honorary Professor of Surgery, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Plymouth, UK, Douglas M. Bowley, FRCS [Gen Surg], Consultant Surgeon, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Senior Lecturer, Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham, UK.
Kingsnorth, Andrew N., (editor)
Bowley, Douglas M., (editor)
Third edition.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (x, 668 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Sciences Relevant to Surgical Practice: 1. Pharmacology and the safe prescribing of drugs Jamie J. Coleman, Anthony R. Cox and Nicholas J. Cowley; 2. Fundamentals of general pathology Gerald Langman; 3. Fundamentals of surgical microbiology Richard Cunningham; 4. Fundamentals of radiology Arvind Pallan; Part II. Basic Surgical Skills : 5. Surgical techniques and technology Michael A. Scott and Mark G. Coleman; 6. Professionalism
  • including academic activities: clinical research, audit, consent and ethics Evangelos Mazaris, Paris Tekkis and Vassilios Papalois; 7. Management of the dying patient: fundamentals of palliative and end of life care Chantal Meystre and Riffatt Hussein; Part III. The Assessment and Management of the Surgical Patient: 8. Preoperative assessment Jeffrey L. Tong; 9. Fundamentals of anaesthesia Jeffrey L. Tong; 10. Principles of cancer management Mark Duxbury; Part IV. Perioperative Care of the Surgical Patient: 11. Fundamentals of intestinal failure Tim Campbell Smith and Alistair Windsor; 12. Enhanced recovery after surgery John Evans and Robin H. Kennedy; 13. Fundamentals of intensive care Angela L. Neville; 14. Caring for surgical patients: complications and communication Douglas M. Bowley; 15. Management of sepsis Mark J. Midwinter; Part V. Common Surgical Conditions: 16. Assessment and early treatment of the patient with trauma Ross Davenport and Nigel Tai; 17. Fundamentals of the central nervous system James Palmer and Anant Kamat; 18. Fundamentals of head and neck surgery John K. S. Woo and Walter W. K. King; 19. Fundamentals of thoracic surgery Richard S. Steyn and Deborah Harrington; 20. Fundamentals of oesophago-gastric surgery Timothy Wheatley; 21. Fundamentals of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery Mark Duxbury and Rowan Parks; 22. Fundamentals of endocrine surgery Peter Cant; 23. Fundamentals of the breast Steven D. Heys; 24. Fundamentals of lower gastrointestinal surgery Chris Cunningham; 25. Fundamentals of the genitourinary system Angela Cottrell and Andrew Dickinson; 26. Hernias Andrew N. Kingsnorth; 27. Fundamentals of vascular surgery Donald J. Adam, Martin W. Claridge and Antonius B. M. Wilmink; 28. Fundamentals of orthopaedics Jon Clasper; 29. Fundamentals of plastic surgery Tania C. S. Cubison; 30. Surgical care of the paediatric patient Paul K. H. Tam; 31. Fundamentals of organ and tissue transplantation Matthew Bowles; Index.