Biodiversity and landscapes : a paradox of humanity [E-Book] / edited by Ke Chung Kim, Robert D. Weaver.
Kim, Ke Chung, (editor)
Weaver, Robert D., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xii, 431 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • pt. I. Introduction: Biodiversity and humanity: paradox and challenge
  • pt. II. Human values and biodiversity: Thoreau and Leopold on science and values. Creation: God and endangered species. Biodiversity and ecological justice
  • pt. III. Human processes and biodiversity: Preindustrial man and environmental degradation. Conserving biological diversity in the face of climate change. We do not want to become extinct: the question of human survival. Germplasm conservation and agriculture
  • pt. IV. Management of biodiversity and landscapes: The paradox of humanity: two views of biodiversity and landscapes. Biodiversity and landscape management. Making a habit of restoration: saving the eastern deciduous forest. Landscapes and management for ecological integrity
  • pt. V. Socioeconomics of biodiversity: Economic valuation of biodiversity. Thinking about the value of biodiversity. Lessons from the aging Amazon frontier: opportunities for genuine development.
  • pt. VI. Strategies for biodiversity conservation: Market-based economic development and biodiversity: an assessment of conflict. Technology and biodiversity conservation: are they incompatible? "Emergy" evaluation of biodiversity for ecological engineering. Urban horticulture: a part of the biodiversity picture. The watchdog role of nogovernmental environmental organizations. Legislative and public agency initiatives in ecosystem and biodiversity conservation.
  • pt. VII. Biodiversity and landscapes: postscript: Biodiversity and humanity: toward a new paradigm.