Mental spaces : aspects of meaning construction in natural language [E-Book] / Gilles Fauconnier.
Fauconnier, Gilles, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xlvi, 190 pages)
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Mental Spaces is the classic introduction to the study of mental spaces and conceptual projection, as revealed through the structure and use of language. It examines in detail the dynamic construction of connected domains as discourse unfolds. The discovery of mental space organization has modified our conception of language and thought: powerful and uniform accounts of superficially disparate phenomena have become available in the areas of reference, presupposition projection, counterfactual and analogical reasoning, metaphor and metonymy, and time and aspect in discourse. The present work lays the foundation for this research. It uncovers simple and general principles that lie behind the awesome complexity of everyday logic.