Water transport in plants under climatic stress : proceedings of an international workshop, held in Vallombrosa, Firenze, Italy [E-Book] / edited by M. Borghetti, J. Grace, and A. Raschi.
Borghetti, M., (editor)
Grace, J., (editor) / Raschi, A., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1993
1 online resource (xiv, 300 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Global change and plant water relations
  • Cavitation. A review: past, present and future
  • Effect of cavitation on the status of water in plants
  • Stomatal control of xylem
  • Refilling of embolized xylem
  • Interpretation of the dynamics of plant water potential
  • A proposed mechanism of freezing and thawing in conifer xylem
  • Winter xylem embolism and spring recovery in Betula cordifolia, Fagus grandifolia, Abies balsamea and Picea rubens
  • Drought resistance strategies and vulnerability to cavitation of some Mediterranean sclerophyllous trees
  • Relations between sap velocity and cavitation in broad-leaved trees
  • NMR and water transport in plants
  • The symplast radial-axial water transport in plants: an NMR approach
  • Reproductive adaptation by polyembryony of coniferous forest trees under climatic stress is revealed by the metabolism of tritiated water
  • A heat balance method for measuring sap flow in small trees
  • Heat pulse measurements on beech in relation to weather conditions
  • Extremely fast changes of xylem water flow rate in tall trees caused by atmospheric, soil and mechanic factors
  • Water relations and water transport in coppice vs. single stem Querus cerris L. trees
  • Environmental control of water flux through Maritime pine
  • Evaluation of transpiration of apple trees and measurement of daily course of water flow within the main branches of walnut trees
  • Estimating citrus orchard canopy resistance from measurements of actual and potential transpiration
  • Stomatal conductance in tomato responds to air humidity
  • Water relations of Canarian laurel forest trees
  • Watering regime and photosynthetic performance of Gunnera tinctoria Mirbel
  • Water relations and ultrasound emissions in Douglas fir-seedings infected with xylem pathogens
  • Diurnal fruit shrinkage: a model
  • Analysis of pressure-volume curves by non-linear regressions M.
  • Determination of the amount of apoplastic water and other water relations parameters in conifer needles
  • The assessment of water status in chilled plants
  • An artificial osmotic cell: a model system for studying phenomena of negative pressure and for determining concentrations of solutes
  • Measurement of water and solute uptake into excised roots at positive and negative roots pressures.