International health organisations and movements, 1918-1939 [E-Book] / edited by Paul Weindling.
Weindling, Paul, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1995
1 online resource (xvi, 337 pages)
Cambridge studies in the history of medicine
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : constructing international health between the wars / Paul Weindling
  • 'Custodians of the sacred fire' : the ICRC and the postwar reorganisation of the International Red Cross / John F. Hutchinson
  • Red Cross organisational politics, 1918-1922 : relations of dominance and the influence of the United States / Bridget Towers
  • The League of Nations Health Organisation / Martin David Dubin
  • Assistance and not mere relief : the Epidemic Commission of the League of Nations, 1920-1923 / Marta Aleksandra Balińska
  • Wireless wars in the eastern arena : epidemiological surveillance : disease prevention and the work of the Eastern Bureau of the League of Nations Health Organisation, 1925-1942 / Lenore Manderson
  • Social medicine at the League of Nations Health Organisation and the International Labour Office compared / Paul Weindling
  • The Social Section and Advisory Committee on Social Questions of the League of Nations / Carol Miller
  • 'Uncramping child life ' : international children's organisations, 1914-1939 / Patricia T. Rooke and Rudy L. Schnell
  • The International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation : the Russell years, 1920-1934 / John Farley
  • The cycles of eradication : the Rockefeller Foundation and Latin American public health, 1918-1940 / Marcos Cueto
  • The Pasteur Institutes between the two world wars. The transformation of the international sanitary order / Anne Marie Moulin
  • Internationalising nursing education during the interwar period / Anne Marie Rafferty
  • Mental hygiene as an international movement / Mathew Thomson
  • Mobilising social knowledge for social welfare : intermediary institutions in the political systems of the United States and Great Britain between the First and Second World Wars / Martin Bulmer.