Cardiopulmonary bypass [E-Book] / edited by Sunit Ghosh, Florian Falter, Albert C. Perrino, Jr.
Ghosh, S., (editor)
Falter, Florian, (editor) / Perrino, Albert C., (editor)
Second edition.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (vii, 260 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Equipment and monitoring for cardiopulmonary bypass / Victoria Molyneux and Andrew A. Klein
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass circuit setup and safety checks / Hannah Kiziltug and Simon Colah
  • Priming solutions for cardiopulmonary bypass circuits / Christiana Georgiou and Joanne Irons
  • Anticoagulation, coagulopathies, blood transfusion and conservation in cardiac surgery / Liza Enriquez and Linda Shore-Lesserson
  • Conduct of cardiopulmonary bypass / Christiana Burt, Saran Hutton and Betsy Evans
  • Metabolic management during cardiopulmonary bypass / Kevin Collins and G. Burkhard Mackensen
  • Myocardial protection and cardioplegia / Maurice Hogan and David Jenkins
  • Weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass / Amy Needham and Christopher P.R. Walker
  • Mechanical circulatory support / Kirsty Dempster and Steven Tsui
  • Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest / Joseph E. Arrowsmith and Charles W. Hogue
  • Organ damage during cardiopulmonary bypass / Christopher C. C. Hudson and Sherif Assaad
  • Cerebral morbidity in adult cardiac surgery / David J. Cook and Sean M. Bruggink
  • Acute kidney injury (AKI) in cardiac surgery / Robert C. Albright
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation / Loreta Grecu
  • Paediatric aspects of cardiopulmonary bypass / D.D.L. Wong and Craig R. Bailey
  • Non-cardiac surgery functions of cardiopulmonary bypass / Lay Ping Ong and Sukumaran K. Nair.