Craniofacial identification [E-Book] / edited by Caroline Wilkinson and Christopher Rynn.
Wilkinson, Caroline, (editor)
Rynn, Christopher, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (vii, 263 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: Part I. Identification of the Living: 1. Familiar face recognition Vicki Bruce; 2. Unfamiliar face recognition Peter J.B. Hancock; 3. EFIT-V: evolutionary algorithms and computer composites Chris Solomon, Stuart Gibson and Matthew Maylin; 4. Facial recall and computer composites Charlie Frowd; 5. Facial ageing David Hunter, Bernard Tiddeman and David Perrett; 6. Age progression and regression Joe Mullins; 7. Automated age progression Stuart Gibson; 8. Facial recognition from identification parades Catriona Havard and Amina Memon; 9. Virtual line-ups Kathryn Y. Segovia, Jeremy N. Bailenson and Carrie Leonetti; 10. Computer-generated face models Bernard Tiddeman; 11. Recognising faces in motion Karen Lander and Natalie Butcher; 12. Facial image comparison Josh P. Davis, Tim Valentine and Caroline Wilkinson; 13. Three-dimensional facial growth and imaging Stephen Richmond, Alexei Zhurov and Arshed Toma; Part II. Identification of the Dead: 14. Post-mortem prediction Caroline Wilkinson and Amy Tillotson; 15. Manual facial reconstruction Ludo Vermeulen; 16. The relationship between the face and the skull Christopher Rynn, Tatiana Balueva and Elizaveta Veselovskaya; 17. Automated facial reconstruction Dirk Vandermeulen, Peter Claes, Sven De Greef, Guy Willems, John Clement and Paul Suetens; 18. Computer-generated facial depiction Gregory Mahoney and Caroline Wilkinson; 19. Craniofacial superimposition Mineo Yoshino; 20. Juvenile facial reconstruction Caroline Wilkinson; Index.