Singularities : Lille, 1991 [E-Book] / edited by Jean-Paul Brasselet.
Brasselet, Jean-Paul, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xvi, 419 pages)
London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; 201
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Table of Contents:
  • On complex projective hypersurfaces which are homology Pn's / G. Barthel and A. Dimca
  • Generic geometry and duality / J.W. Bruce
  • An arithmetical factorization for the critical point set of some map germs from C[superscript 2] to C[superscript 2] / F. Delgado
  • Trivializations of stratified spaces with bounded differential / M. Ferrarotti
  • Moduli for singularities / G.-M. Greuel and G. Pfister
  • Conormal space and Jacobian modules: A short dictionary / J.-P. Henry and M. Merle
  • Weak Lefschetz type and topological q-completeness / L. Kaup
  • Volumes and lattice points
  • proof of a conjecture of L. Ehrenpreis / B. Lichtin
  • Connexions meromorphes / B. Malgrange
  • Deformations of maps on complete intersections, Damons K[subscript V]-equivalence and bifurcations / D. Mond and J. Montaldi
  • Cycles evanescents et faisceaux pervers II: cas des courbes planes reductibles / L. Narvaez-Macarro
  • A desingularization theorem for systems of microdifferential equations / O. Neto.
  • Topological stability / A. Du Plessis and C.T.C. Wall
  • Boundary fronts and caustics and their metamorphosis / I. Scherback
  • Quid des stratifications canoniques / R. Thom
  • Irregularite des revetements cycliques / M. Vaquie.