Supramolecular organization and materials design [E-Book] / W. Jones and C.N.R. Rao, editors ; with additional contributions by Lia Addadi [and others].
Jones, William, (editor)
Rao, C. N. R., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (ix, 446 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Assembly and mineralization processes in biomineralization / Lia Addadi, Elia Beniash and Steve Weiner
  • Mesoscale materials synthesis and beyond / Ivana Soten and Geoffrey A. Ozin
  • Towards the rational design of zeolite frameworks / Paul Wagner and Mark E. Davis
  • Mesoscale self-assembly / Ned Bowden [and others]
  • Design of amphiphiles for the modulation of catalytic, membranous and gelation properties / Santanu Bhattacharya
  • Nanofabrication by the surface sol-gel process and molecular imprinting / Izumi Ichinose, Sueng-Woo Lee and Toyoki Kunitake
  • The hierarchy of open-framework structures in metal phosphates and oxalates / Srinivasan Natarajan and C.N.R. Rao
  • Mesoscale self-assembly of metal nanocrystals into ordered arrays and giant clusters / G.U. Kulkarni, P. John Thomas and C.N.R. Rao
  • Layered double hydroxides as templates for the formation of supramolecular structures / Steven P. Newman and William Jones
  • Molecular machines / Frani̇sco M. Raymo and J. Fraser Stoddart
  • Some aspects of supramolecular design of organic materials / Uday Maitra and R. Balasubramanian
  • Controlling crystal architecture in molecular solids / Andrew D. Bond and William Jones.