Movement control [E-Book] / edited by Paul Cordo, Stevan Harnad.
Cordo, Paul, (editor)
Harnad, Stevan R., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (x, 276 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Does the nervous system use equilibrium-point control to guide single and multiple joint movements?
  • E. Bizzi, et. al.
  • Does the nervous system depend on kinesthetic information to control natural limb movements? / S.C. Gandevia and D. Burke
  • Can sense be made of spinal interneuron circuits? / D.A. McCrea
  • Implications of neural networks for how we think about brain function / D.A. Robinson
  • Do cortical and basal ganglionic motor areas use "motor programs" to control movement? / G.E. Alexander
  • Functional heterogeneity with structural homogeneity: How does the cerebellum work? / J.R. Bloedel
  • Are movement parameters recognizably coded in the activity of single neurons? / E.E. Fetz
  • The representation of egocentric space in the osterior parietal cortex / J.F. Stein.