The economics of climate change : the Stern review [E-Book] / [study conducted by] Nicholas Stern.
Stern, N. H., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007
1 online resource (xix, 692 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Climate change
  • our approach: The science of climate change : scale of the environment challenge ; Economics, ethics and climate change ; Ethical frameworks and intertemporal equity
  • Impacts of climate change on growth and development: How climate change will affect people around the world ; Implications of climate change for development ; Costs of climate change in developed countries ; Economic modelling of climate-change impacts
  • The economics of stabilisation: Projecting the growth of greenhouse-gas emissions ; Climate change and the Kuznets curve ; The challenge of stabilisation ; Identifying the costs of mitigation ; Macroeconomic models of costs ; Structural change and competitiveness ; Key statistics for 123 UK production sectors ; Opportunities and wider benefits from climate policies ; Towards a goal for climate-change policy
  • Policy responses for mitigation: Harnessing markets for mitigation : the role of taxation and trading ; Carbon pricing and emission markets in practice ; Accelerating technological innovation ; Beyond carbon markets and technology
  • Policy responses for adaptation: Understanding the economics of adaptation ; Adaptation in the developed world ; Adaptation in the developing world
  • International collective action: Framework for understanding international collective action for climate change
  • Creating a global price for carbon
  • Supporting the transition to a low-carbon global economy
  • Promoting effective international technology co-operation
  • Reversing emissions from land use change
  • International support for adaptation
  • Conclusions : building and sustaining international co-operation on climate change.