English historical economics, 1870-1926 : the rise of economic history and neomercantilism [E-Book] / Gerard M. Koot.
Koot, Gerard M., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1987
1 online resource (viii, 277 pages)
Historical perspectives on modern economics
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In the first comprehensive and full-length study of the English historical economists, Gerard Koot traces their revolt against the theory, policy recommendations and academic dominance of classical and neoclassical economics in Britain between 1870 and 1926. English Historical Economics, 1870-1926 shows how these historical critics challenged the deductive method and mechanistic assumptions of the economic orthodoxy, developing an historical and inductive method for economic studies and laying the foundation for the professional study of economic history. The author examines the effect of this new methodology upon English politics, discussing the intellectual framework that the historical economists provided for the conservative attack on laissez-faire philosophy in links between such larger social, economic, political and intellectual controversies and the origin and growth of English historical economics.