Proper and improper forcing [E-Book] / Saharon Shelah.
Shelah, Saharon, (author)
Second edition.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1 online resource (xlvii, 1020 pages)
Perspectives in logic
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Since their inception, the Perspectives in Logic and Lecture Notes in Logic series have published seminal works by leading logicians. Many of the original books in the series have been unavailable for years, but they are now in print once again. This volume, the fifth publication in the Perspectives in Logic series, studies set-theoretic independence results (independence from the usual set-theoretic ZFC axioms), in particular for problems on the continuum. The author gives a complete presentation of the theory of proper forcing and its relatives, starting from the beginning and avoiding the metamathematical considerations. No prior knowledge of forcing is required. The book will enable a researcher interested in an independence result of the appropriate kind to have much of the work done for them, thereby allowing them to quote general results.