Evolution and belief : confessions of a religious paleontologist [E-Book] / Robert J. Asher.
Asher, Robert J., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xxiii, 300 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Science and religion. Darwinism, agency, and cause ; The most gifted biology writer of our time ; Methodological naturalism ; The compatibility delusion ; Theistic Christianity and evolution
  • Evolution as a science. Historical science and naturalism ; Uniformitarianism and intelligent design ; Science and hypothesis testing ; Hypotheses derived from natural selection
  • Characters and common descent. Evolutionary trees ; Living "intermediates" ; Reproduction on land and in water ; Amphibians and the Puerto Rican coqui ; Mammals and monotremes ; Marsupials and bandicoots ; The marsupial placenta ; Tarsiers ; Summary
  • The fossil record. Stratigraphy ; Micro- and macroevolution ; Punctuated equilibrium ; Creationists and quote-mining ; Stephen Jay Gould and neo-Darwinism ; "Macroevolution" : species as individuals
  • The roots of mammals. Synapsid jaw and ear bones ; Ear bones and development ; Mammalian lactation ; Roots of mammals : summary
  • A brief history of elephants. Elephants and the big picture ; Elephants and English
  • Whales are no fluke. Cetacean origins : molecules and mesonychids ; Toothed and baleen whales ; Baleen whale development and genetics
  • Creationism : the fossils still say no! Agency and cause revisited
  • DNA and the Tree of Life. Building trees with genes ; Anti-evolutionists and trees ; The nodes anatomy got wrong ; Afrotheria and the new tree of placental mammals
  • DNA and information "creation". What does DNA do? ; Pseudogenes ; Viral DNA and function ; Mutation and color vision ; "Tuning knobs" and skull shape ; Origin of information and "macroevolution" ; Genetics, development, and the mammalian ear
  • Biology and probability. Contingency ; Convergence ; Evolution is not random ; Selection and stickleback fish ; Probability and anti-evolutionism ; Exaptation
  • Evolution, education, and conclusions. Academic freedom ; What did Darwin explain? ; Conclusions.