On the power of machines [E-Book] / John Banks.
Banks, John, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014
1 online resource (viii, 127 pages)
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245 1 0 |a On the power of machines  |h [E-Book] /  |c John Banks. 
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505 0 |a Preface -- 1. Experiments on Dr Barker's mills -- 2. Experiments in the velocity of air out of bellows -- 3. A description of Westgarth's hydraulic machine -- 4. Some properties of the lever demonstrated -- 5. Observations on the power of Cooper's mill -- 6. On the power of a mill, formerly at Nuneaton -- 7. On the horizontal water-wheel -- 8. Description of the centrifugal machine -- 9. On the properties of the crank, etc. -- 10. Observations on lathes -- 11. Observations on wheel carriages -- 12. Demonstration of a parallel motion for engine beams -- 13. Theorems relating to the common pump -- 14. Rules and observations on the strength of oak and deal -- 15. To find the weight which will break a beam of any given dimensions -- 16. Of the strength and dimensions of steam engine beams -- 17. To make a beam of a given strength, and the breadth and depth in a given ratio -- 18. To find the expression for the strength of a beam to work a cylinder of any diameter -- 19. To find the dimensions of the strongest beam that can be cut out of a given piece of round timber -- 20. Experiments on the strength of cast iron -- 21. To form parabolic beams -- 22. On the strength of cast iron axles -- 23. The strength of poles for triangles -- 24. Observations on cranes -- 25. To find the centre of gravity -- 26. Description of a gauge for steam engines. 
520 |a From the 1770s onwards, John Banks (1740-1805) taught natural philosophy and gave courses of public lectures across the north west of England. Much of his work aimed to show engineers, mechanics and artisans how they could benefit from expanding their practical and theoretical knowledge. In this 1803 publication, Banks ranges across mechanics, hydraulics and the strength of materials. He considers various designs for important industrial machines, such as watermills, pumps and steam engines, offering calculations of their power. Drawing on his own experiments, as well as those of others, he shows readers how to estimate the strength of wooden and iron beams, and how to calculate the airflow from a pair of bellows. Diverse in its topics, the book sheds light on how rational calculation came to be applied to the machinery of the industrial revolution. Banks' Treatise on Mills (2nd edition, 1815) is also reissued in this series. 
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