The sea surface and global change [E-Book] / edited by Peter S. Liss and Robert A. Duce.
Liss, P. S., (editor)
Duce, Robert A., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1997
1 online resource (xv, 519 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Report group 1 : physical processes in the microlayer and the air-sea exchange of trace gases / P.S. Liss [and others]
  • Report group 2 : biological effects of chemical and radiative change in the sea surface / J.T. Hardy [and others]
  • Report group 3 : photochemistry in the sea-surface microlayer / J.M.C. Plane [and others]
  • Transport processes in the sea-surface microlayer / Lutz Hasse
  • The role of organic films in air-sea gas exchange / Nelson M. Frew
  • Bubbles and their role in gas exchange / David K. Woolf
  • The physical chemistry of air-sea gas exchange / Leon F. Phillips
  • The sea-surface microlayer and its effect on global air-sea gas transfer / William Asher
  • Chemistry of the sea-surface microlayer / Keith A. Hunter
  • Biophysics of the surface film of aquatic ecosystems / Michail I. Gladyshev
  • Biological effects of chemicals in the sea-surface microlayer / John T. Hardy
  • Neuston of seas and oceans / Yuvenaly Zaitsev
  • Photochemistry in the sea-surface microlayer / Neil V. Blough
  • Hydrocarbon breakdown in the sea-surface microlayer / Manfred G. Ehrhardt
  • Applications of laser technology and laser spectroscopy in studies of the ocean microlayer / Gerald M. Korenowski
  • Remote sensing of the sea-surface microlayer / Ian Robinson.