The Popularization of mathematics [E-Book] / edited by A.G. Howson and J.-P. Kahane.
Howson, A. G., (editor)
Kahane, Jean-Pierre, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1990
1 online resource (xi, 210 pages)
ICMI studies
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Table of Contents:
  • A study overview / Geoffrey Howson and Jean-Pierre Kahane
  • Mathematics in different cultures / (Report of the working group)
  • Mathematics for the public / Edward J. Barbeau
  • Making a mathematical exhibition / Ronnie Brown and Tim Porter
  • The role of mathematical competitions in the popularization of mathematics in Czechoslovakia / Vladimir Burjan and Antonin Vrba
  • Games and mathematics / Miguel de Guzman
  • Mathematics and the media / Michele Emmer
  • Square One TV : a venture in the popularization of mathematics / Edward Esty and Joel Schneider
  • Frogs and candles : tales from a mathematics workshop / Gillian Hatch and Christine Shiu
  • Mathematics in prime-time television : the story of fun and games / Celia Hoyles
  • Cultural alienation and mathematics / Gordon Knight
  • Solving the problem of popularizing mathematics through problems / Morgens Larsen
  • Popularizing mathematics at the undergraduate level / Brian Mortimer and John Poland
  • The popularization of mathematics in Hungary / Tibor Nemetz
  • Sowing mathematical seeds in the local professional community / Tony Shannon
  • Mathematical news that's fit to print / Lynn Steen
  • Christmas lectures and mathematics masterclasses / Christopher Zeeman
  • Some aspects of the popularization of mathematics in China / D.Z. Zhang, H.K. Liu and S. Yu.