Multitrophic level interactions [E-Book] / edited by Teja Tscharntke and Bradford A. Hawkins.
Tscharntke, Teja, (author)
Hawkins, Bradford A., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (vii, 274 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Multitrophic level interactions: an introduction / Teja Tscharntke and Bradford A. Hawkins
  • Plant genetic variation in tritrophic interactions / J. Daniel Hare
  • Multitrophic/multispecies mutualistic interactions: the role of non-mutualists in shaping and mediating mutualisms / Judith L. Bronstein and Pedro Barbosa
  • Tritrophic interactions in tropical versus temperate communities / Lee A. Dyer and Phyllis D. Coley
  • Endophytic fungi and interactions among host plants, herbivores, and natural enemies / Stanley H. Faeth and Thomas L. Bultman
  • Multitrophic interactions in space: metacommunity dynamics in fragmented landscapes / Saskya van Nouhuys and Ilkka Hanski
  • The chemical ecology of plant-caterpillar-parasitoid interactions / Ted. C.J. Turlings [and others]
  • Canopy architecture and multitrophic interactions / Jérôme Casas and Imen Djemai
  • Tritrophic below- and above-ground interactions in succession / Valerie K. Brown and Alan C. Gange
  • Multitrophic interactions in decomposer food-webs / Stefan Scheu and Heikki Setälä.