Groups : topological, combinatorial, and arithmetic aspects [E-Book] / edited by T.W. Müller.
Müller, T. W., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2004
1 online resource (xvi, 587 pages)
London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; 311
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Reductive groups as metric spaces H. Abels
  • 2. Finiteness properties of groups acting on twin buildings P. Abramenko
  • 3. Higher finiteness properties of S-arithmetic groups in the function field case I H. Behr
  • 4. Controlled topology and group actions R. Bieri and R. Geoghegan
  • 5. Finiteness properties of soluble S-arithmetic groups: a survey K.U. Bux
  • 6. Topology in permutation groups P. Cameron
  • 7. Euler characteristics of discrete groups I. Chiswell
  • 8. Intersection of Magnus subgroups of one-relator groups D.J. Collins
  • 9. A minimality property of certain branch groups R.I. Grigorchuk and J.S. Wilson
  • 10. Lattices with non-integral character H. Helling
  • 11. Some applications of probability in group theory A. Mann
  • 12. Parity patterns in Hecke groups and Fermat primes T.W. Müller
  • 13. Automorphisms of the binary tree: state-closed subgroups and dynamics of 1/2-endomorphisms V. Nekrashevych and S. Sidki
  • 14. The mapping class group of the twice punctured torus J.R. Parker
  • 15. Kac-Moody groups: split and relative theories. Lattices B. Remy
  • 16. On the finite images of infinite groups D. Segal
  • 17. Pseudo-finite generalized triangle groups E.B. Vinberg and R. Kaplinsky.