Spaces of Kleinian groups [E-Book] / edited by Yair N. Minsky, Makoto Sakuma, Caroline Series.
Minsky, Yair Nathan, (editor)
Sakuma, Makoto, (editor) / Series, Caroline, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (vii, 390 pages)
London Mathematical Society lecture note series ; 329
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Table of Contents:
  • Drilling short geodesics in hyperbolic-3 manifolds / K. Bromberg
  • On topologically tame Kleinian groups with bounded geometry / Ken'ichi Oshika and Hideki Miyachi
  • An extension of the Masur domain Cyril Lecuire
  • Thurston's bending measure conjecture for once punctured torus groups / Caroline Series
  • Complexity of 3-manifolds / Bruno Martelli
  • Moduli of continuity of Cannon-Thurston maps / Hideki Miyachi
  • Variations of McShane's identity for punctured surface groups / Hirotaka Akiyoshi, Hideki Miyachi and Makoto Sakuma
  • Train tracks and the Gromov boundary of the complex of curves / Ursula Hamenstadt
  • The pants complex has only one end / Howard Masur and Saul Schleimer
  • The Weil-Petersson geometry of the five-times punctured sphere / Javier Aramayona
  • Convexity of geodesic-length functions : a reprise / Scott A. Wolpert
  • A proof of the Ahlfors finiteness theorem / Albert Marden
  • On the automorphic functions for Fuchsian groups of genus two / Yohei Komori
  • Boundaries for two-parabolic Schottky groups / Jane Gilman
  • Searching for the cusp / David J. Wright
  • Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures : a survey / Sadayoshi Kojima, Shigeru Mizushima and Ser Peow Tan
  • Grafting and components of quasi-fuchsian projective structures / Kentaro Ito
  • Computer experiments on the discreteness locus in projective structures / Yasushi Yamashita.