Wildfowl in Great Britain [E-Book] / by Myrfyn Owen, G.L. Atkinson-Willes, D.G. Salmon, with contributions by G.V.T. Matthews and M.A. Ogilvie ; illustrated by Sir Peter Scott.
Owen, Myrfyn, (author)
Atkinson-Willes, G. L., (author) / Salmon, D. G., (author) / Matthews, G. V. T., (author) / Ogilvie, Malcolm Alexander, (author) / Scott, Peter, (illustrator)
Second edition.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1986
1 online resource (x, 613 pages)
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The Wildfowl Trust (founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1946) has worked actively to promote wildfowl conservation over many years and this volume will surely be recognised as one of its finest achievements. Here in one volume the Wildfowl Trust, supported by the Nature Conservancy Council, presents a synthesis of detailed data collected by a wide range of enthusiasts on the distribution of wildfowl and their major habitats. The importance of sensitive conservation planning is stressed as is the vulnerability of wetlands to modern technology. The international dimension of wildfowl conservation is also well covered, especially by the clear maps of ringing recoveries and migration routes. This book emphasises the need for international action in conserving wetlands and stresses the benefits enjoyed by the fortunate countries endowed with these habitats. By their very presence the spectacular flocks of wildfowl provide one of the strongest arguments to convince laymen, planners and politicians that our wetlands are not wastelands but a very precious and vulnerable part of our heritage.