Bacterial evasion of host immune responses [E-Book] / edited by Brian Henderson, Petra C.F. Oyston.
Henderson, Brian, (editor)
Oyston, Petra C. F., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003
1 online resource (xvi, 304 pages)
Advances in molecular and cellular microbiology ; 2
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Recognition of bacteria: [Ch.] 1. The dendritic cell in bacterial infection : sentinel or Trojan horse? / Benjamin M. Chain and Janusz Marcinkiewicz
  • [ch.] 2. CD1 and nonpeptide antigen recognition systems in microbial immunity / Kayvan R. Niazi, Steven A. Pocelli, and Robert L. Modlin
  • [ch.] 3. The NRAMP family : co-evolution of a host/pathogen defence system
  • Part II. Evasion of humoral immunity: [ch.] 4. Evasion of complement system pathwas by bacteria / Michael A. Kerr and Brian Henderson
  • [ch.] 5. Bacterial immunoglobulin-evading mechanisms : lg-dregrading and lg-binding proteins / Mogen Kilian
  • [ch.] 6. Evasion of antibody responses : bacterial phase variation / Nigel J. Saunders
  • Part III. Evasion of cellular immunity: [ch.] 7. Type III protein secretion and resistance to phagocytosis / Ake Forsberg, Roland Rosqvist and Maria Fallman
  • [ch.] 8. Bacterial superantigens and immune evasion / John Fraser, Thomas Proft, Vickery Arcus and Edward Baker
  • [ch.] 9. Bacterial quorum sensing signalling molecules as immune modulators / David Pritchard, Doreen Hooi, Eleanor Watson, Sek Chow, Gary Telford, Barrie Bycroft, Siri Ram Chhabra, Christopher Harty, Miguel Camara, Stephen Diggle and Paul Williams
  • [ch.] 10. Microbial modulation of cytokine networks / B. Henderson and Rob M. Seymour
  • [ch.] 11. Enterotoxins : adjuvants and immune inhibitors / Jan-Michael Klapproth and Michael S. Donnenberg
  • [ch.]. 12. Type III protein secretion and inhibition of NF-kB / Klaus Ruckdeschel, Bruno Rouot and Jü̈rgen Heesemann.