Embodied grounding : social, cognitive, affective, and neuroscientific approaches [E-Book] / edited by Gün R. Semin, Eliot R. Smith.
Semin, G. R., (editor)
Smith, Eliot R., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008
1 online resource (viii, 312 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introducing embodied grounding
  • Embodied language and concepts / L. Barsalou
  • Grounding symbolic operations in the brain's modal systems / A. Glenberg
  • Toward the integration of bodily states, language, and action / F. Pulvermüller
  • Brain embodiment of category-specific semantic memory circuits / L. Boroditsky and J. Prinz
  • What thoughts are made of
  • Embodiment of social cognition and relationships / G.R. Semin & J.T. Cacioppo
  • Grounding social cognition : synchronization, coordination, and co-regulation / E. R. Smith
  • An embodied account of self-other "overlap" and its effects / T. Schubert, S. Waldzus, S. & B. Seibt
  • The embodiment of power and communalism in space and bodily contact / P. Briñol & R.E. Petty
  • Embodied persuasion : fundamental processes by which bodily responses can impact attitudes
  • Embodiment and affect / G. Clore & Schnall, S.
  • Affect as embodied evidence in attitude, advertising, and art / L. Feldman Barrett. & K. Lindquist
  • The embodiment of emotion / P. Winkielman, P.M. Niedenthal & L. Oberman
  • The embodied emotional mind / J. Förster & R S. Friedman
  • Expression entails anticipation : toward a self-regulatory model of bodily feedback effects.