Psychological debriefing : theory, practice, and evidence [E-Book] / edited by Beverley Raphael and John P. Wilson.
Raphael, Beverley, (editor)
Wilson, John P., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
1 online resource (x, 376 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction and overview: Key issues in the conceptualization of debriefing / Beverley Raphael and John P. Wilson
  • 1. Stress management and debriefing: historical concepts and present patterns / Arieh Y. Shalev
  • 2. Debriefing: its role in the spectrum of prevention and acute management of psychological trauma / Robert J. Ursano, Carol S. Fullerton and Kelley Vance / [et al.]
  • 3. Briefing and debriefing: group psychological interventions in acute stressor situations / Lars Welsaeth
  • 4. Theoretical perspectives of traumatic stress and debriefings / John P. Wilson and Melissa R. Sigman
  • 5. Critical Incident Stress Management and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings: evolutions, effects and outcomes / Jeffrey T. Mitchell and George S. Everly, Jr.
  • 6. Debriefing with emergency services: Critical Incident Stress Management / Robyn Robinson
  • 7. Debriefing and body recovery: war grave soldiers / Martin P. Deahl
  • 8. Debriefing and body recovery: police in a civilian disaster / David Alexander
  • 9. Debriefing after massive road trauma: perceptions and outcomes / Rod Watts
  • 10. Debriefing and motor vehicle accidents: Interventions and outcomes / Michael Hobbs and Richard Mayou
  • 11. Debriefing with service personnel in war and peace roles: experience and outcomes / Zahava Soloman, Yuval Neria and Eliezer Witztum
  • 12. Debriefing post disaster: follow-up after a major earthquake / Justin A. Kenardy and Vaughan J. Carr
  • 13. Debriefing after disaster / Tom Lundin
  • 14. Children and debriefing: theory, interventions and outcomes / Ruth Wraith
  • 15. Debriefing adolescents after critical life events / Paul Stallard
  • 16. Delayed debriefing: after a disaster / Claude M. Chemtob
  • 17. Debriefing in different cultural frameworks: responding to acute trauma in Australian Aboriginal contexts / Coralie Ober, Lorraine Peeters and Ron Archer / [et al.]
  • 18. The concept of debriefing and its application to staff dealing with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, AIDS and other conditions / Jane Turner and Brian Kelly
  • 19. Traumatic childbirth and the role of debriefing / Phillip Boyce and John Condon
  • 20. Debriefing health care staff after assaults by patients / Raymond B. Flannery, Jr.
  • 21. Multiple stressor debriefing as a model for intervention / Keith Armstrong
  • 22. Concerns about debriefing: challenging the mainstream / Cynthia Stuhlmiller and Christine Dunning
  • 23. Is consensus about debriefing possible? / Phillip L. P. Morris
  • 24. Can debriefing work? Critical appraisal of theories of interventions and outcomes, with directions for future research / Alexander McFarlane
  • 25. A conceptual framework for mass trauma: implications for adaptation, intervention and debriefing / Derrick Silove
  • Conclusion: Debriefing
  • science, belief and wisdom / Beverley Raphael.