Megaflooding on Earth and Mars [E-Book] / edited by Devon M. Burr, Paul A. Carling, Victor R. Baker.
Burr, Devon, (editor)
Baker, Victor R., (editor) / Carling, Paul, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009
1 online resource (x, 319 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Overview of megaflooding : Earth and Mars /
  • Victor R. Baker
  • Channel-scale erosional bedforms in bedrock and in loos granular material : character, processes and implications /
  • Paul A. Carling [and others]
  • Review of open-channel megaflood depositional landforms on Earth and Mars /
  • Paul A. Carling [and others]
  • Jökulhlaups in Iceland : sources, release and drainage /
  • Helgi Björnsson
  • Channeled Scabland morphology /
  • Victor R. Baker
  • Morphology and sedimentology of landforms created by subglacial megafloods /
  • Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk [and others]
  • Proglacial megaflooding along the margins of the Laurentide Ice Sheet /
  • Alan E. Kehew [and others]
  • Floods from natural rock-material dams /
  • Jim E. O'Connor and Robin A. Beebee
  • Surface morphology and origin of outflow channels in the Valles Marineris region /
  • Neil M. Coleman and Victor R. Baker
  • Floods from fossae : a review of Amazonian-aged extensional-tectonic megaflood channels on Mars /
  • Devon M. Burr, Lionel Wilson and Alistair S. Bargery
  • Large basin overflow floods on Mars /
  • Rossman P. Irwin III and John A. Grant
  • Criteria for identifying jökulhlaup deposits in the sedimentary record /
  • Philip M. Marren and Matthias Schuh
  • Megaflood sedimentary valley fill : Altai Mountains, Siberia /
  • Paul A. Carling [and others]
  • Modelling of subaerial jökulhlaups in Iceland / Snorri Páll Kjaran [and others]
  • Jökulhlaups from Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland : modelling transient hydraulic phenomena /
  • Jonathan L. Carrivick
  • Dynamics of fluid flow in Martian outflow channels /
  • Lionel Wilson, Alistair S. Bargery and Devon M. Burr.